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Graduate students and graduating seniors will be considered as well; however they must be enrolled in a graduate program for Fall.

In addition, college and university students who have scored well in the various annual Cyber-related Competitions are also invited to apply.

During your work tour, you will work a regular 40-hour week.

Each work tour is designed to reveal the specific areas you may want to focus on as a career. Electrical or Computer Engineering Majors Students in the electrical or computer engineering fields will be involved in the design, development, testing and evaluation of electronic communications systems.

Each 20 percent block of credits completed with at least a 3.0 GPA will allow you to be promoted to the next grade.

Selectees will be invited to participate in a 12-week summer program to gain knowledge of specific cyber-related topics and apply educational knowledge to address various real world mission-related technical challenges.You will operate under a rotational program, alternating semesters of full-time work with full-time study from entry into the program until graduation.We require a minimum of 52 weeks of co-op work experience prior to graduation.We offer internships, scholarships, co-op programs and more.Use the filters below to search for the perfect opportunity for you.

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