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Close to the water's edge stood the old Cliff Hotel which is now turned into flats but back in the Sixties hosted one of Southampton's finest music outlets- The Waterfront Club.

This was a narrow outbuilding that adjoined the main pub building on the right of these recent photographs This venue was always good to play although a rather small stage just by the entrance and a long room but always had a good 'buzz.' I recall my first band the Abdo-Men playing there in 1964 and we noticed that the flimsy ceiling tiles above the stage had been bashed through by the previous London group that had appeared there the night before- by the name of the 'High Numbers' The manager (drummer Roger Pope's father) was really angry and swearing his head off at these stupid antics in which the lead guitarist had jabbed his instrument up through the ceiling area and said that they would never play there again!

) and travelled far and wide but with loads of laughs in between the downsides!

There was a camaraderie amongst the local bands as new ones were formed or reformed from the remnants of other groups and the changing tastes in music throughout this time inspired and influenced us all.

My nearest pub was the old Railway Hotel in Portsmouth Road, which became the Woolston pub followed by the Bridge Inn, as it lies near the new Itchen Bridge that was finished in 1977.

This superb river crossing replaced the old Floating Bridges that had been ferrying people and cars across the river for nearly hundred years or so.

No wonder they were always broke in the early days. This old photo probably dates from 1919-I zoomed in on the reflection that showed a billboard across the road and mirrored the image Shows the Gaiety Cinema and a Tom Mix movie "Rough Riding" Across the road from the old Cliff Hotel 1960s- looking up Portsmouth Road From same area - looking down towards Floating Bridge etc 1950s?

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