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Meanwhile, estate agents John D Wood ( provides a service for buyers and sellers, that includes reading meters, closing or transferring utility accounts to the new property, valuation and auctioning of unwanted furniture and chattels, house clearance and locks changing. For a charge, moving specialists such as handle absolutely everything to do with your move.

Removals Get at least three written quotes from established removal firms, ideally using personal recommendations. Does it cover insurance of yourpossessions in transit?

"We had a buyer move into a house where the vendor had set their alarm as they always did.

None of us could turn it off and the vendor had moved to Australia," recalls Graham Lock, co-founder of

"Find out as much as you can about the firm," says Martin Rose, spokesman for NGRS. Will access to the new property allow for the size of their vans? "Also, packing can be the most time consuming and frustrating part of any move." Don't take for granted that all your furniture will automatically fit into your new property, says Andrew Scholey, founder of

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The good news is that if you plan ahead, the potential for things to go wrong is significantly reduced.If you can afford it, employ an established cleaning company to clean the carpets in your new gaffe – it's much easier than when your furniture is all in, although avoid a wet system, which takes more time to dry out. Fact files should also include details of rubbish collection and recycling schemes, doctors, tradesmen and other useful services.Better still, detail paint brands an colours used on the walls, as well as useful informationsuch as where the stopcock is located.Don't forget insurance and if you need boxes, and sell good quality ones, while supply ones that can be collected afterwards.Declutter and clean There's no better time for a clear-out than when moving home. Delcuttering will save you time and money, insists Romaine Lowery, who runs the Clutter Clinic.

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