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They have an original version and a plus version, the difference being how much urine you get.

You need to heat it with a heater to desired temperature, which can take up to 45 min unless you have access to microwaving it briefly.

This isn’t the norm however, so do your research on this one.

If it’s an unsupervised test you shouldn’t really need to hide it at all while peeing, so just use some common sense while transporting it.

A color spectrum is used to analyze and compare the color produced on the strip by your urine sample to the color a clean urine should produce If this gives a positive result, it is then sent to an accredited lab with the required laboratory equipment and a GC-MS (short for gas chromotography-mass spectrometry) is performed to prove that illicit substances/metabolites are present and avoid any mistakes. It depends a lot on the specific testing facility, and thus you may want to do some research about what company does the testing for your job/organisation and their methods. 2 above, sometimes you may be compelled to pull your pants down to your knees and your shirt up above your navel.

I’ve also heard of testing facilities that make you put some sort of bath robe on.

Purine is still decent and when needed I get it here from Test Clear.

Includes a heater and temperature strip and of course instructions, although you may want to add an extra heater (in case your test gets delayed) and perhaps a digital thermometer at checkout.

Low quality copies of the QF boxes and its printing were used.

Drug testing evolves constantly, which means the same brands and methods may or may not still be effective.

If older than a year, you may want to look for something more recent. It has an edge over the competition in that if you need to, you can heat it up in a matter of seconds, not having to wait half an hour as with heating pads.

It is in powder form and when mixed it has all the right qualities needed to pass the urine drug test.

It smells and behaves like urine should, on par with Sub-Solution in that regard.

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