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It just goes in through one ear and bubbles right out of the other.So I was thinking: Hey, I'm on a page PACKED with incredible HTML-geniuses and layout-pros.I once tried to make a dating sim game, but then I was too lazt for it XD; there's a really easy to use program out there for it though!

I love every single watcher, every single person who ever reviewed any of my works, even everyone who just took the time to simply look at one of my pictures.Here is her DA page : [link]A games with your drawing style could be so nice ♥ Now I'm just beeing to curious.but you can improved it with more interactive ones, but you can use Flash (which requires medium programming knowledge)...omg ;-; if you decide doing that , i will worship you ..but i can't help cause i suck at those kind of thing ;_____; sorry ..

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