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I knew her name was Suzi because many living people remember hearing that her name was Suzi.In that small, privileged world, in which Yalies had prep-school friends at the other Ivy League schools, and in which the men of these schools traveled to Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Wellesley to hunt for wives or just dates, Suzi’s given name—Suzi was Jewish, so I stop myself before writing “Christian name”—was widely known.

Greenberg, accepted their pleas “in an atmosphere heavy with embarrassment.” Four lawyers were present on various students’ behalf, and they “urged leniency, stating the youths had been subjected to ‘shame and humiliation,’ as well as the effect on the parents.” City attorney Vincent Villano helped the young men’s case by stressing that “actually no sexual intercourse occurred.” Seventeen of the men were sentenced to pay fines, while three others were assessed .It’s not a fact I learned from any of the newspaper reporting at the time, all of which scrupulously concealed her name.Besides her age and hometown, all that can be learned of the girl from news reports is that she was a “member of a highly respected family,” as the AP wrote in its article on the sentencing.After graduation, no Google search had informed prospective employers about their criminal pasts, and they went on to lead lives of distinction: several architects, a doctor, a small-business owner, a painter. Suzie would be 69 or 70, the men five or six years older.I wondered if the men were remorseful, and I wondered if Suzi was vengeful.

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