Freshclam not updating

197): Operation now in progress freshclam[24317]: getpatch: Can't download main-56.cdiff from database. freshclam[24317]: connect_error: getsockopt(SO_ERROR): fd=4 error=111: Connection refused freshclam[24317]: Can't connect to port 80 of host database.(IP: freshclam[24317]: Trying host database.(2.53)... freshclam[24317]: connect_error: getsockopt(SO_ERROR): fd=4 error=110: Connection timed out freshclam[24317]: Can't connect to port 80 of host database.(IP: 2.53) freshclam[24317]: Trying host database.( Clam AV will download a virus update, and the update will not download correctly. If this happens, Clam AV usually goes down and the system suspends delivery.Downloading fresh definition files can correct this problem.I went to /var/log/clamav to check it's permissions, but there isn't a clamav directory there.

Users who wish to upgrade Clam AV independently from ZCS at their own risk can find directions here: Clam AV - Updating Version Out of cycle updates RFE is Bug 15137 Note: Clam AV Virus definitions update automatically every 2h by default (zimbra Virus Definitions Update Frequency attribute).A part of the answer can be found in the lost manual: Yes, it’s enough.When installing these packages all needed packages will be installed by dependency.Cisco is not exactly a small startup that could not afford to buy some bandwidth from the Amazon Cloud or where ever. They could also have tried to organise this way better.

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