Friend friend dating

So sometimes, it's best to defer to mutual friends for advice before you jump to a decision. If you've really thought about it, and you're sure your friend needs to know immediately, make sure you come with receipts.Have evidence and take a screenshot — otherwise, your BFF might not believe you.You have leverage over them, so why not make them clean your apartment or do your dirty dishes, too, while you're at it?But seriously, sometimes, going to the source of the problem is better than going directly to your friend, because not only do you get more information (if you decide to go to your friend as well), but you also get a little bit of clarification.

Dear 4-Way, I just broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago.Like I learned from my situation, my friends turned out to be in an open relationship, and my BFF didn't feel comfortable telling me about it yet.Both she and her boyfriend had joined dating apps, and they didn't feel the need to send out a warning to all of their friends.And if you don't match, you can always confront them via text, email, Facebook, Instagram, or privately in-person when you see them next.That way, you might either get a sensible explanation or be met with a pile of bullsh*t that could lead you to your next indicated step.

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