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Then he said, without mumbling at all; "Cheers for that one, eh? One woman asked me to look up several books on anxiety. Another woman ordered a book on coping with Alzheimer's disease and never had the presence of mind to come pick it up, despite being called twice and being sent two postcards. On one of my first days working at Barnes and Noble, a woman and her husband approached the information desk, and said very quietly, "That man is exposing himself to me." She was gesturing at a man sitting in one of the easy chairs that litter the store.During the entire process of looking up the titles she provided, she was drumming the fingers on one hand and twirling her keys around in circles on the desktop with the other. The man was wearing spandex jogging gear and had an unfastened fanny pak on the floor at his side." After the book had been replaced, he chose another book to purchase, and flipped through each and every page of the 400 page book to make sure there were no problems.Just think: A person's faith in American commerce completely shattered by one simple glitch in the manufacturing process.

In areas where the page numbers were out of place he would look up from his task with a huge smile and say "Uh-oh!

Several large hotels are located close by, and consequently, people from all over the world who have traveled to Michigan on some sort of business come in looking for books.

These people tend to posses varying degrees of fluency in the English language.

You can read an entire goddamn novel in the store and we won't bug you once.

One of the first things I learned while working at Barnes & Noble was that you should never, ever pay for a book.

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