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Tessa and I had a chat about how often – when the subject of rogue landlords comes up at any time on the blog – the comments thread gets side-tracked into complaints about landlord licensing schemes.

So I thought it a good time to explain the way this works from the perspective of an enforcement officer, responsible for taking the worst of the worst to task for harassment and illegal eviction, working alongside other people who regulate slum properties and criminal letting agents.

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Parliament passed laws requiring all local authorities to run licensing schemes and does not allow them to generate income from running them.

Those are the rules, whether or not you consider the licensing fees in your area unreasonable.

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Enforcement for breach of licensing rules has to come out of another budget, which is why the provisions of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 are so important – they allow councils to keep penalties to pay for enforcement, meaning that you, the council tax payer, don’t have to fund enforcement.

You will need to read elsewhere for a full picture.) More and more councils are rolling out their own landlord licensing schemes based on the type of housing stock and the social problems they encounter in a particular borough.

Put simply, councils in Hereford or the Vale of Pewsey are less likely to have problems with slums and rogues than say Hackney, Birmingham or Manchester. I have spoken to council officers in rural councils who talk of overcrowding and slum conditions connected to gang master scams involving agricultural workers. Contrary to what many believe, licensing isn’t a ‘cash cow’ for councils.

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