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Emails by Hour 32% of all fundraising emails were received between 9am ET and 1pm ET during the month of December 2015.

This was a decrease of over 10% as more emails are shifting to later in the day.

Sunday and Saturday had the lowest email volume during the month.

An interesting pattern has emerged on the first weekend of December.

On top of that, a casual tone both attracts more readers and makes things more readable. Groupon can write a subject line like “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)” because they’ve already got funny marketing down.

Nothing is worse than getting bored in 50 characters or less. Jet Blue can write “You’re missing out on points” because, as an airline, they understand what this kind of value proposition means for their frequent flyers.

This year's annual event landed on December 1st and the second highest number of emails were sent by nonprofits on this day.

December 31st remains the busiest inbox day of December.

(Be sure to check out 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 too.

For several years now, January 1st not only means the beginning of the New Year, but also an opportunity to look at trends in year-end fundraising emails from nonprofit organizations.

Back in 2011, I started collecting all the emails that nonprofits sent me during the month of December and reviewed what was in my inbox.

Every year, I try to look for something interesting or at the very least see how email marketing is evolving in the nonprofit sector.

In 2015, I received 456 email messages sent to me from 90 different nonprofit organizations between December 1st and 31st, 2015.

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