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And there is, he thinks, “probably” something therapeutic about talking to an interviewer.

Which is not to say he sets out to improve people’s lives. The aim is to tell the truth and create an interesting programme.

“I think you second-guess your reaction or your inclination to trust but we also need to second-guess our inclination to distrust.

So there has to be a level of hesitancy on both sides.

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Louis Theroux is tall — two or three inches over 6ft — dark and handsome.

From there, he’s become the man who asks the weird questions we all want answered. And it will, in some way, end up looking wrong.” During research for his film America’s Medicated Kids, he interviewed an adult psychiatrist who, based on a 20-minute conversation, said that he would put Theroux on medication for bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder if he were treating him. He made two very serious psychiatric diagnoses of me,” he says, with a surprisingly high-pitched but gentle chortle.

One of the things I really want to know about Theroux is whether he plays up, on screen, his “innocent abroad” appearance. “What I had said was that sometimes, when I’m sleep- deprived, my mind starts revving and I get a lot of ideas that may not be very good ideas and I go into slightly creative overdrive.” Theroux’s subjects have changed since the days of what he describes as “slightly facetious documentaries that had some heart to them but had a predominantly comic tone”.

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So I do have those indicators.” I’m sitting face-to-face with Theroux in central London.He has stubble, which he keeps neat with a beard-trimmer, and is living in LA, with a tan to match. “If nerd was a diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [of Mental Disorders] you would check off…” He mentally starts counting.“No, not all of them — I’m not that good with computers.Currently, the Straight Gay is Truth in Television, less of a narrative device than a character type.When still used as a plot point, it may allow other characters to realistically miss that a character is gay, or it may be so incidental to the plot (or controversial as a topic) that it's never actually mentioned on-screen. In some cases—especially Soap Operas—this may be because of a Suddenly Sexuality switch for a previously heterosexual character.

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