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Others express preferences for all kinds of unprintable activities.Users are, disturbingly, asked to click a box to say whether they prefer safe sex.No doubt it is, but a few moments trawling through the pages of reveals that much of that 'information' and many of the accompanying images jar horribly with pictures of children.'Horny Fun Wanted' proclaims one typical advertiser on the gay dating site, displaying a full frontal nude picture of himself for the delectation of passing browsers.

Despite their wealth, they were turned down as adoptive parents, so decided to raise a family by a different method. It took their sperm, the eggs of one American woman, the wombs of two more, some of the finest IVF surgeons in the world and around £200,000, but they did it.Barrie has tried to make light of the couple's recourse to the dating site with a jovial reference to Little Britain star Matt Lucas's outrageous character, Daffyd.'Tony and I are living in Essex now and, unlike the centre of London or Manchester, there are not many gays in the village,' he said.It means their sons are genetic twins despite being born four years apart.Little was left to chance — even the sex of the twins was selected, with Barrie fathering Saffron, and Tony, Aspen.

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