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When he finally secured recording and publishing deals early in 2011, he bought a home in Suffolk. He could have released his second album in 2012, but chose to delay it by 18 months so he could concentrate on attempting to “break” America. And before, I felt like America was this untouched gem that only Coldplay did.Even for this inveterate songwriter, that was his priority. But then when Adele smashed the door down, and then One Direction and Mumford & Sons did it, I was like: not only is it possible now, other people are doing it.Having also played three sell-out shows at New York’s 18,200-capacity Madison Square Garden, this year Ed Sheeran does his own British arena tour. “How the Pharrell collaboration came about,” is his instant reply. I just think that because everything he touches now turns to gold, everyone’s keen to talk about him. Also, Rick Rubin.” As well as the Happy/Get Lucky singer, x features Rubin, the eminent American producer of everyone from Beastie Boys to Adele. That, and what else I’ve been up to.” On the horizon: intensely busy promotional trips to the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.A young man with a savvy understanding of his social media metrics and a keen eye for his international status, Sheeran says that continental Europe has finally caught up with his impassioned fanbase elsewhere in the world.It’s the “last song about the person who was on the first album,” he says.One, he thinks, is a good way to end both that period and that relationship. It’s “quite different”, which is something of an understatement.

Spotify said it was the service’s most streamed film soundtrack song of 2013/14, beating both Pharrell’s Despicable Me 2 song Happy and Let It Go from the all-conquering Frozen.The 23-year-old from Suffolk introduces the selection of songs one by one.First out of the studio’s giant speakers is the softly strummed ballad One, written in his dressing room while on tour in Australia.His brother Matt, two years his elder, is also a working musician (he does wildlife documentary soundtracks).But he arrived there via a more conventional route, studying “at the Guildhall and the Royal something-or-other of music…" Sheeran concedes that at school he “lacked focus…

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