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I just try to live in the moment, in every situation. Yeah, they just had the crunching of the bread stick [laughs]. There was a lot of cheese on that last bread stick.Even though I gave you the most awkward moment in Australian television history, that was just me in the moment! I’ll give you a little bit from behind the scenes: the reason I offered the bread stick was because I’d had about 13 of them, and there was only one left, so I thought, ‘I’ll be a gentleman and offer the last one to Sophie.’How do you feel towards Sophie now?Would you be keen to look for love as the next Bachelor?This is pretty fresh, and it’s something I think I’d definitely be open to.We saw your Instagram post about it, and how you said the wrong thing to Sophie. I just struggled, and like the bread sticks in front of me, I crumbled [laughs]. And that’s what made is so hard, especially after meeting family and everything, and my grandma.I literally have ‘bread sticks’ written down in front of me. It’s so funny, because on the coast, it’s now officially a thing after last night — if there’s an awkward situation, you say “bread stick,” apparently. It was really hard that it didn’t end the way I wanted it to.” “It was amazing, we went go-karting and I said this. ” “It went really awkward, I started speaking a different language and offered her a bread stick.” [Laughs] We didn’t get to compare those. I’m still looking for love; I’m still looking for that special person.That experience personified how much I do want to find a person, I think.

It was to be a big day; to be celebrated in a grandiose style at my mother’s seaside retreat, a party where family and friends were invited.When she said that, I sort of tried to spill my heart out a little more, and be like, “Look, this is how I’m feeling, and I do see a future with you, and this is this, and this is that.” I was a bit confused.I didn’t understand the ‘fighting for her’ sort of thing.We even got to see his family, including feisty Grandma Ellie! I was so worried about that date that I had no sleep the night before, and I was exhausted heading into that — I couldn’t string a sentence together.Apollo, you were a gentleman right until the end, and it was sad to see you get eliminated. I was just so nervous sitting there, so when she asked about kids, I said, “Three or four-to-six years for marriage,” and I’d sort of tried to jump and correct myself and say I meant kids.

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