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To the east of Ayios Philon, about six kilometres along a tarmac road is the collectively named site of Aphendrika with three ruined churches from the Byzantine era.On the approach, the first one is dedicated to Ayios Yeoryios, the next one is the largest and dedicated to the Panayia Chrysiotissa, the third set on a slight rise to the right is named for the Panayia Asomatos.There are several emporia selling everything a household needs; pots and pans, paint, brushes, shampoo, vegetables etc.Typically as in most villages some of the stock is years old, covered in dust and priced in a currency from years ago when we had millions of Turkish Lira to the pound!

This is the centre of the conservation area for the Karpaz donkeys and they will be seen wandering freely along the roads, tracks and among the juniper bushes. Beyond the monastery the track continues and passes the Sea Bird Motel.

This is basic accommodation in wooden huts and the converted British era Customs and Excise houses.

The food is good and there is a beautiful sandy cove for swimming.

There is also a magnificent, albeit ruined, carob warehouse.

In the nearby village of Sipahi, the 6 C AD basilica floor of Ayias Trias has some of the most beautiful mosaics in North Cyprus and is well worth the short detour.

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