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I thought she totally rocked "I'll Stand By You," so I've got to pick on that metallic rubber band she was wearing.I assume she stayed by the microphone the whole time because she couldn't move without showing us things we didn't need to see.Chris Sligh: Gwen picked on his troubles keeping up the tempo of "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" in the rehearsal, and the problem definitely carried over into the live performance.I love his personality, but all his high notes sounded yelpy. Gina Glocksen: Don't you get the feeling that Gina sat in her room singing Pretenders songs through her teenage years?Sanjaya Malakar (at right): This was a joke, right?His hair — oh, his hair — was up in a kind of mohawk-y thing make up of a lot of little ponytails along the top of his head, and then he kept flopping his head to make it sway.

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It occasionally sounds Irish, sometimes American and sometimes just like Hopkins' normal speaking tone.

Unfortunately, since they were powering to get through 10 performances (plus banter) in 67 minutes, we didn't get to hear much of Gwen working with the singers.

It would have been cool to see more of that, a la Peter and Lulu from last week.

Hopkins stretches only slightly beyond his Hannibal Lectre persona, but it's been a while since he displayed this kind of scenery-chewing villainy, while Gosling adds a twitchy Method-y flair to a character who might have been painfully flat in the hypothetical Tom Cruise version.

As a director, Hoblit's gifts have always been very closely tied to the quality his scripts.

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