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However, rather than Haight-Ashbury Park, our link is to the Black House of one Anton Szandor La Vey.

There comes a time into every life when one questions getting back up and charging that hill once again, all the while knowing that it’s a Pyrrhic victory at best.

Sometimes you survive for a while, and other times your glory is short-lived, but sooner or later you will return to the abyss. Everyone gets his moment in the sun, and everyone, sooner or later, stares into the abyss and contemplates their fate, be it in business, love, or their ultimate demise.

EVERYONE tumbles to at least the edge of their own personal abyss, and truly that abyss is different for each and every individual.

Black Magicians thus stand apart from the mainstream faiths and the New Age warriors or Neo Pagans, blindly casting stones and going on about the power of crystals.

We have no master but ourselves, and seek no validation from others.

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