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Avoid the confinement of a movie theater and take your girlfriend to a concert or a music festival.Live music is one of the best activities to engage in because it appeals to all of the senses.If she thought you were boring, she wouldn’t be dating you in the first place.So, you have plans to try a new restaurant and one hour before your reservation, your girlfriend calls and asks you to make a trip to the store for snacks and booze because she wants to host a game night, instead.For her, concentrating on one thing may be as excruciating as staring into the sun.

Whether or not the pile of clothes doubles as a tourist attraction depends on the particular female.A cluttered mind often leads to a cluttered disposition.Your girlfriend, and her clothes, will be all over the place.At any given moment, my mind goes in a multitude of directions.I am perpetually bored, incapable of sitting still and utterly afraid in every sense of the word.

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