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Memories include the last trams at the pier head, the last big liners coming into Liverpool, exploring the ruins of Custom House, what a building that must have been in its heyday before the war.

And then there was the music, I heard the first single from Buddy Holly and the Crickets and became a fan.

Mal along with many others was born into troubled times.

World War Two was raging, with the Liverpool area regularly a target for Goering's Luftwaffe bombers due to the importance of its docks, warehouses and industry.

The Very Beginnings For this particular page of railway memories, the story truly starts at the beginning, which in this case is at Walton hospital in June 1942 when our storyteller, Mal came into the world.

Seven days later, whilst Mal was at the hospital he was joined in the nursery by no less than the recently delivered Paul Mc Cartney.

We were also sent out to knock people up on nights, two cleaners would be sent together.

Some men got angry when you banged on the door at four o'clock in the morning, others were happy if it was for driving. A glorious view of 72006 Clan Mackenzie at Bank Hall shed on August 22nd 1960. As mentioned below Bank Hall was home to a small fleet of ex L&Y Pugs which serviced the lines around the many docks in the Liverpool area.

To the right of the Pug is Blackpool allocated Fowler 2-6-2T 3MT No.40166. After two months I was sent to Aintree, shed code 27B, to learn how to be a fireman, an old coach alongside Aintree shed was used for this purpose. No one ever failed the course so I was now a passed cleaner and able to go out on trains.

Out of School After leaving school I joined ship brokers E H Mundy at the Georges Dock building pier head as office boy.

I enjoyed going round all the shipping offices in Liverpool and also remember seeing the overhead railway being taken down.

These times did not last too long, very soon you would get more firing turns, Old Fred would get the shedman to move 40684 over No.8 pit, then connect the steam lance to the injector water feed, then we would steam clean the oil from pits and walkways, this was not long before 40684 went for scrap.

With reference to 40684, here she is standing on No.7 pit road outside the shed, the leads to the shed side roads are visible in the foreground.

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