Hibernate manytoone not updating

Note that navigational access is not always good, especially for "one-to-very-many" and "many-to-very-many" relationships.

Imagine a Group that contains thousands of Users: So, I can't agree with the recommendation from the Best Practices.

Do you put foreign key references in the owned table to both parent tables? If the child entity has only ever one parent type, then there is no need for a join table. In a unidirectional One To Many the source object take ownership of the foreign key field, and is responsible for updating its value.

can be used on a One To Many to define the foreign key, some JPA providers may support this already.

the foreign key cannot be part of its primary key, nor generally have a not null constraint on it.Hibernate: insert into Idea Profile (date Concieved, genre Code, name, status Code) values (? Hibernate: update Idea Profile set date Concieved=? The inverse side is marked using the mapped By attribute.You can model a collection of objects where the target has no foreign key mapped, but uses it as its primary key, or has no primary key using a Embeddable collection mapping, see Embeddable Collections.If your JPA provider does not support unidirectional One To Many relationships, then you will need to either add a back reference Many To One or a Join Table.

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