Historical methods of dating data

During the mid to late 5th century these effective groupings had less of an outlay in the declining Roman parts of Britain and so decided to continue their plundering within Ireland itself creating dynastic kingdoms out of tribal territories.They say that Britain is inhabited by tribes that are aboriginal, and in their lifestyle preserve the old ways; for they make use of chariots in their wars, just as tradition tells us the ancient Greek heroes did in the Trojan war, and their houses are simple, built for the most part of reeds or logs.They harvest their grain crops by cutting off only the ears of corn and store them in covered barns.

Heavy belt buckles, straps and harnesses which came to be imitated in Irish crafts may also have been part of this plunder.For in very many cases he has told falsehoods, as was stated earlier, so that it is clear he has been even less truthful as regards remote regions.And yet from the point of view of astronomy and mathematical theory he would seem to have made reasonable use of his data in asserting that those who live close to the frozen zone have a total lack of some cultivated crops and domesticated animals and a shortage of others, and that they live on millet and vegetables, fruit and roots.Most references to the Celts are from later centuries made by writers who lacked records and were keen to project their religious and political circumstances on the past.Such accounts need to be cautiously treated and mixed with what little contemporary archaeological evidence is available.

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