Hohner serial number dating

Max became instrumental in the development of FX Hüller’s saxophone department.

In 1925, Max left the family business and began working for himself.

What does vary sometimes are the supposed years of certain events. While in the middle of my Max Keilwerth/Hohner research however, I received an unexpected surprise.

Although it is not known why, Uwe speculated that its reasons were the same as Hammerschmidt’s: the overwhelming cheap competition from Japan was too great, and the demand for the more expensive German saxophones declined.

Once they ceased production of saxophones, Hohner destroyed all its documents related to the Hohner President saxophones.

One area that varied significantly over the 20 year production run was the style of the tone holes. A very early model alto—serial number 24XX—shows that they were also bevelled.

In approximately 1953 drawn & rolled tone holes made their first appearance. In approximately 1963—approximately #12XXX—Hohner switched to straight/cut tone holes.

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