Honesty in dating quotes

An honest person will always have a clear mind and a mind that is afraid of no one.

He can hold his head high and walk with dignity in all situations.

“What you sense with Meg and Nick is that they started out with passion blazing in every area – their sex life, their politics, their work.

They grew up in the Sixties and Seventies – the optimistic decades – believing they could conquer the world.

The great truth is honesty which is the best policy.At one point, they themselves had a stolen Christmas in Paris together.They’d been a couple for a few years and ran away briefly from family responsibilities to stay in a friend’s garret. “All I will say is that, yes, my husband and I have seen the movie together and I’m pleased to say that he laughed as much as the next man at those recognisable moments that occur between couples.” Duncan has a purring laugh and the classy vowels of the classically trained, CBE-toting actress that she is.For the record, she is married to the stage actor Hilton Mc Rae, and they are not far off their own 30th anniversary.They met in 1986 while working at the Royal Shakespeare Company and have a son, Cal, now aged 22.

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