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The bulkhead seats are not as exposed to the galley area as they are on row 11.Check Seatguru for maps & seat tips: Cathay Airbus A350-900 | Cathay Boeing 777-300ER At this hour of the night, passengers are boarding quickly with yawns and stretches. Once we are all seated, I notice how eerily quiet everyone is. You can tell that nearly everyone just wants the lights to dim so they can nod off.Regrettably I discovered that CLEAR lanes at SFO’s international terminal close at 10 pm, which makes little sense because so many flights depart around midnight and early morning.

I really liked the cozy feel and quiet of that small aft cabin.There’s no first class section on Cathay’s A350s, but business class is almost as good an many first class seats I’ve seen.All seats in this reverse herringbone layout have aisle access. In business class, the seats to avoid are the first two center seats (oddly, the first row is Row 11, seats D&G).High side walls and blinders make the in-seat experience very private. Noise and traffic from the galley is a factor, and when the curtains are pulled, it appears nearly impossible to get out of your seat without ruffling them.If you are traveling with a companion it might be smarter (and easier to communicate) sitting across the aisle from each other due to the barriers between the middle seats. At the back of the business class section, rows 20 and 21 are separated from the main business class cabin by a galley and lavatory area.

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