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"Bryan's always had a reputation of being with guys that look young," says a high-level studio executive who oversaw one of the director's big comic-book movies.

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Two years later, they settled in the Encino house, which they bought for .5 million.

"Come on -- that's a time-honored tradition in this town," says a producer long acquainted with Singer.

He adds that the allegations are nearly impossible to believe, saying, "I've only seen a very gentle side of Bryan." STORY: Bryan Singer Breaks Silence on Abuse Claims -- ' Outrageous, Vicious and Completely False' According to Singer's attorney, Martin Singer (no relation), his client consistently has been careful to avoid entanglements with underage partners.

During the mid- to late 1990s, as the Internet bubble was inflating, a wide swath of gay Hollywood flocked to the 12,616-square-foot Encino mansion that 40-something Marc Collins-Rector shared with Chad Shackley, a Michigan man in his mid-20s who had lived with Collins-Rector since dropping out of high school at 16; and Brock Pierce, a teenage actor who had appeared in Disney's movies.

Anticipating the day that programming would be delivered online, Collins-Rector was an early Internet mogul with money to spend.

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