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The Malian government does not support or facilitate the proliferation or trafficking of weapons of mass destruction in and through its territory. The number of islands and maritime traffic in the Sulawesi Sea and the Sulu Archipelago make it a difficult region to secure.Traditional smuggling and piracy groups supported terrorist networks, including the movement of personnel, equipment, and funds.

For many projects, having a permit from the city government is crucial because the changes to your home go on record with the city, and it ensures inspectors will check for any red flags.

Kidnapping-for-ransom remained an ongoing threat and a source of funding for terrorist networks in the region.

Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines have made concerted new efforts to control their shared maritime boundaries.

Despite having made significant progress toward formally federating its member states in the latter part of 2016, Somalia continued to struggle with the provision of security, justice, and governance capacity at all levels needed to limit terrorists’ freedom of movement, access to resources, and capacity to operate. Al-Shabaab’s ability to retain its safe haven in southern Somalia and regain new territory in central Somalia was due largely to lapses in offensive counterterrorism operations during 2016.

Despite these limitations, all levels of Somali government continued to cooperate with U. The group carried out a series of complex assaults and raids against the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forward-operating bases that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of AMISOM and Somali soldiers, the deadliest of these occurred in January against a Kenyan forward-operating base in the Gedo region town of Ceel Adde. S.-trained Somali forces made limited progress against al-Shabaab in 2016, the Somali National Army, as a whole, remained incapable of securing and retaking towns from al-Shabaab independently.

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