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Of course, today’s young people do not try as soon as possible to get married, but generally do not realize their future without creating a strong family and having children.

Quite a long time remnants of patriarchal family maintained in Hungary.

Young families are usually quick to give birth to children.

Hungarian woman protects the life of her family, most of them are very good housewives, while modern Hungarian women often manage to combine stunning hostesses, loving and caring mothers, carefully monitor the cleanliness of her home, and besides, finds time to work and even to build a career.

And now a few prudent Hungarians prefer to discuss money issues before the wedding and drawing up of the marriage contract are common as well.

Hungarian women in bed Traditional is still the “farewell” custom where future spouses say good bye to their single life.

Traditional is so-called “money” dance of the bride where anyone who wants to dance with the barefoot bride is obliged to throw hard cash in her shoes.In addition, young people are always with great reverence and respect for the older generation, and when it goes about children, Hungarians use only gentle approach.As for the Hungarian traditions such as marriage possible only in a strictly defined social circle or some of the local group, the custom is not forgotten, probably only in small settlements.Curiously, Hungarians know the custom of blessing the young couple by parents.When wife is going to enter the house for the first time, she is brought into the house on the hands of her husband and newly weds are showered with grain which means the shower of wealth.

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