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Looking for a date on the Internet is easy these days.Lake Hévíz with its 25°C yearly average water temperature is the largest biologically active thermal lake in Europe and there are many other historic spa towns and retreats throughout the country offering everything from a simple bath in thermal waters to longer luxury stays at lovely spa resorts.Although Hungary is a landlocked country, Lake Balaton, central Europe's largest fresh water lake, is often called the Hungarian sea.Besides being a world leader in Nobel Prize laureates, there are also many famous inventions and innovations that Hungarians have given to the world - just to name a few: the matches (János Irinyi), the dynamo and the soda water machine (Ányos Jedlik), the telephone switch (Tivadar Puskás), the helicopter (Oszkár Asbóth), the ballpoint pen (László Bíró) the concept of digital computing (János von Neumann) the colour TV (Peter Károly Goldmark) as well as the design of the Volkswagen Beetle.Across the country there are 8 World Heritage Sites, and even though it is a small country Hungary is abundant in natural beauty such as 10 national parks, rivers, gentle hills, fresh water lakes, lush forests, large plains, caves and caverns with fantastic underground treasures and the world’s second largest thermal lake.

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