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Preorder The Great Milenko (20 Anniversary Edition): https://to/Great Milenko20th Today The Great Milenko is not only fondly recalled as an unforgettable rap album from the late '90s but also for its place in history as a polarizing piece of banned art. On the day of its release in the summer of 1997, Disney-owned Hollywood Records pulled the album from stores due to its controversial nature. Back on the streets, Bruce, Utsler and Utsler's brother, John performed hip hop music at local night clubs, using the stage names Violent J, 2 Dope, and John Kickjazz, under the name of their gang, Inner City Posse.Seeing a need for a manager, Bruce's brother Robert recommended his friend and record store owner Alex Abbiss, who established the Psychopathic Records record label with the group in 1991.The original lineup of Insane Clown Posse was John Rode (Kid Villain), John Utsler (John Kickjazz), Joe Bruce (Violent J) and Joey Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope).

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2 on the Billboard Top 10 Rap Chart and member Shaggy 2 Dope's solo album F.

The album was subsequently re-released by Island Records a few months later and quickly went Platinum.

The Great Milenko (20 Anniversary Edition) is a must for Juggalos and rap aficionados alike.

Black Blizzard [new track, previously unreleased]2.

Boogie Woogie Wu/The Neden Game Mashup [previously unreleased]8.

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