Indian single moms dating

They treat me like I have a disease, I might steal their husband or my child must be bad company for their child.

I try to shrug it off and focus on the relationships I already have.

I am not in any way wanting to replace her father by jumping into a relationship.

That is another assumption I hear; that I am looking for someone to be my daughter’s father and to support me. My daughter has strong support from me, and from my brother and father is with her every time she needs.

I fear she will one day blame herself or me for her father not being around.Whether you're black, white, straight or gay - you're sure to meet someone or find love (if that's what you're looking for) in one of our free dating websites below...enjoy, flirt, have some fun!by Marissa Hicks I adore my daughter and love being a mother.I try not to let these comments get to me; however, I cannot always be there when my daughter is being judged.It is assumed that children from single parent homes do not get the attention, supervision, love, or discipline to which children from a nuclear family receive.

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