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There’s great local beer, hilarious color commentary and excellent tunes being spun by local DJs.To play along with the unofficial drinking game, take a sip when Dill or Brownie says “Right you are” during the play-by-play.They might be the two oldest plays in the Naptown date book, but they’re nonetheless guaranteed to set a romantic mood.Insider tip: there is one (1) carriage on the circle that is a Cinderella replica.

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You can take a class together in anything from welding to jewelry to blown glass, and you get a nice keepsake or gift at the end of it.

Regardless of the season we've got a batch of rock solid date itineraries, so you can focus on not blurting out embarrassing childhood stories to someone you barely know.

This comedy/dating “show” is a chance to have a laugh at each other and be the butt of some jabs from the hosts.

Afterward, expand your palate in one of Pendleton Pike’s dozens of hole-in-the-wall ethnic restaurants, like Ma Ma’s Korean or Honduran food at El Sabor Catracho.

You probably don’t have “buy Volkswagen-size beanbag chair” or “build massive outdoor grass amphitheater” on your list of home improvement items, but you’ll find that they definitely take the movie viewing experience up a notch.

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    Such memberships further ensure that you can get the personal information of the woman that you are dating in order to take a step further in your relationship.

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