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On 12 September, Tinder turned five years old – having been released back in 2012 in hopes that it was going to change the dating world. It’s seen more than 10 billion matches, made up of people who’ve all spent at least minutes swiping left or right on people they found attractive and also not so attractive.But unfortunately, not all of those people have found love.Nothing serious, there’s no need to get to know the person, if you’re both lusting after one another go crazy.But this happens so often that people – though not all – begin to assume that maybe that’s all the app’s good for.I don’t smoke, but don’t mind if you do…Well, message me if you want to go out.” Messages like this are not only boring (if she wants to know about you she’ll either click on your profile or, even better, ask you), but they give no indication of why you want to go out with her. Try something like this instead: “Whoa, you studied abroad in Ghana? Once she laughs, she lets her guard-down a little, she thinks you’re funny, and probably smart. Did you ask her a question, did you set-up a joke she could build on?Not that you have to turn into Seth Rogen all of the sudden, but in general, on the internet, humor is far less abrasive than, say, ardent fervor. Cue the countless messages from guys matching with you only to offer d*ck pics and asking for sexual photos in return.Sadly, sometimes this even comes before a simply ‘hello’ or a cheesy chat-up line.

I mean, how many of us have eventually fallen for people who were beforehand totally off our radars simply because it took us a while to realise just how wonderful they are?

So girls and guys must have drastically different experiences with online dating.

The girls post a profile and get bombarded with messages from guys, guys scan profiles and message the girls.

Thinking of all the people who’ve swiped left on you can’t be good for your self-esteem. While some people decide to fill theirs with jokes or even flirty messages (which is often successful but let’s face it, not original in the slightest), others like to get real about their passions and their dreams to give potential daters some insight into the person they are.

But unfortunately, to actually read that bio – that someone could’ve worked seriously hard on – you actually have to be attractive enough for a potential match to want to click on it and learn more about you.

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