Intimidating art images

“I personally know the curator who reached out to me and I respect her,” Schiele says.

“The benefit of working with Twyla is the exposure for the artists for their galleries.

Even if you’ve got a few thousand dollars to invest in a piece to display in your home, you’re probably priced out of Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions.If you don't think the Internet is reshaping the art business, transforming how art is exhibited and the ways sales are made, you must still be reading newspapers and watching TV on a television.To be honest, I had an inkling that the art business paradigm was shifting and that sales were taking place online, and I'd heard numerous instances of online sales happening, but I never really paid much attention, nor did I think the totality of it all was any big deal...Take Jonathan Golden, the 33-year-old finance director of the David Chang bakery chain Momofuku Milk Bar.He recently moved into a new New York City apartment that he wanted to decorate and came across the Twyla beta site through a friend of a friend.

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