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Lotus root has a creamy, starchy texture, so it would be great thinly sliced and fried (like a potato chip), or blend it into a smooth puree (like mashed potatoes).

Usually stored in brine, pickled pig lips have mainly a salty, vinegary flavor.

Green tea leaves are an incredibly versatile ingredient — they have a bright perfumed flavor with some fruity undertones, so they're excellent in desserts (try them in shortbread cookies or smoothies).

Or, for a more savory option, add them to chicken soup for a deep herbaceous flavor.

This cult-favorite condiment enjoyed by Brits and Aussies is made primarily from leftover brewer's yeast extract.

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The flavor is slightly fishy, but the predominant flavor is smoke.Try adding blanched fiddlehead ferns to other vegetables and greens for a seasonal spring salad.Squid ink — the dark, cloudy liquid cephalopods like squid release — has a salty, briny taste with very little fish flavor, so it's useful for seasoning fresh pasta or rice dishes.Only available in the spring, these tightly coiled greens have become a favorite spring ingredient for their flavor and appearance.Fiddlehead ferns have a delicate vegetable flavor — somewhat like asparagus, spinach or artichoke.

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