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If a device uses a web interface for device management, when an administrator logs out, or when any other session termination event occurs, the device management web application must invalidate the session identifier to minimize the potential for an attacker to hijack that particular management session.If the network device uses a web interface for device management, determine if the network device invalidates session identifiers upon administrator logout or other session termination.

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However capturing browser closure event is not a good idea to invalidate a user session.Because of this, J2EE supports the idea that Http Session objects have a countdown timer whose duration is defined in the file.If no requests are made within the countdown interval, the server will consider that as an indication that the user has gone away and discard the Http Session.Unique session identifiers or IDs are the opposite of sequentially generated session IDs which can be easily guessed by an attacker.Unique session IDs help to reduce predictability of said identifiers.

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