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So your Facetime live photo will seem all the more real.

However, there is no way to be sly or sneaky about this feature – whenever you take a Facetime Live photo, the person you are talking to is notified that you have taken a photo.

i Phone users will be acclimatising to the latest version of i OS as Apple released the i OS 11 operating system this week, and it has some pretty cool features.

You will wonder where you were in your life before you had access to Facetime Live photos.

Multitasking just got real with Quick Type With one tap of your finger, you can orientate your keyboard to make typing with one hand easier by moving all the keys closure to your thumb.

If you’re holding something in one hand it is often a struggle to reply to an urgent text.

The person on the other end also needs to enable the feature in order for it to work.

Improved Maps The streamlining of their Apple Maps service comes into competition with the Google Maps app, but this feature may see people making the switch.

Apple Maps will not be able to instruct you on direction from within a building such as airports and shopping centers.

The i Phone is steadily becoming a dominating player in the world of photography and improving their camera is another way to do so.

You can make skin tones more natural, portraits more expressive and the photo file size will be halved.

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