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in protest against governmental policies that cause unjust wars or other acts that harm American lives.

The America flag and national anthem are supposed to be symbols of that precious Constitutional freedom, not turned into idolatrous objects of worship by politicians seeking to suppress that freedom by equating patriotism with their self-serving policies.

There was a period at these barriers where marines would put their hand up to say stop, but the cars would keep driving forwards and the marines would shoot.

It took six months before someone explained that putting your hand up meant come forward.

Why President Trump’s attack on NFL players in Huntsville?

As reported, after “recently visit[ing] maimed US veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington,” he said, “They were fighting for our country . Far more “disgraceful,” to the point of being obscene, is President Trump exploiting the unnecessary sacrifice of war victims for his own egocentric ends. ” He said these violent words in the face of reports “on the number of deceased former players diagnosed with CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease experts believe is caused by repeated head trauma.” (“Trump Calls on NFL Owners to Fire Players Who Protest, and Mocks Efforts to Make the Game Safer,” By Peter King, , Sept.There’s this constant pressure to perform, to be perfect.For the cameras, the microphones, and if you get a word wrong – especially now with social media – you have 24 hours of abuse. Critical acclaim has welcomed almost all of his projects, winning the 52-year-old some famous fans.Among them is Jason Isaacs, who admits to being familiar with “every nanosecond” of Iannucci’s output, from the Oscar-nominated , which stars Isaacs – along with Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Buscemi, Michael Palin and Andrea Riseborough – has touched a few nerves.

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