Is kate winslet dating leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo Di Caprio, who plays him in the Oscar-tipped The Aviator, tells John Hiscock how his own milder form of the disorder gave him an insight into the role For Leonardo Di Caprio, it was one of those moments when he didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

There he was, in a South American rainforest, studying the effects of mercury poisoning in the Amazon, when he was confronted by a group of naked Indians.

While they've been busy with their two kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte, we've been anxiously twiddling our thumbs waiting for the news of baby number three.

RELATED: Leonardo Di Caprio & Kate Winslet Spark Dating Rumors (Again) After Super Cozy Pics Surface And 'Sources' Say They're In Love Of course, Will and Kate are in no way obligated to grace us with another child, but Bey's twins and Kim Kardashian having a third baby via surrogate, we're feeling a little spoiled.

I know that no matter what else I do, it's going to be with me and be a part of me for the rest of my life.

I don't have any regrets about it because it has given me great opportunities as an actor – and it's a pretty good film, too."It was his role in Titanic that confirmed his status as Hollywood's leading heartthrob and ushered in the surreal Beatle-like fan worship that became known as Leo-mania.

So if someone from the royal family could tell us what the eff is going on, that'd be great.

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Admittedly, I've gotten more excited about Prince William and Duchess Kate's pregnancy announcements than I have my own cousin's. It's been a minute since we've had some baby news from Will and Kate.Literally just a few WEEKS ago Kate talked publicly about having more kids with Will during an event in Poland.After receiving a gift for a newborn baby (foreshadowing much?Michael Mann was exhausted and needed a break from directing, having just finished filming Ali, so Di Caprio took the idea to Martin Scorsese, with whom he had worked on Gangs of New York.Because Scorsese has never liked flying, Di Caprio ripped off the title page before presenting him with the script.

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