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You should've asked for 200.'" With four games left to play, Ishmael has caught 62 passes for 802 yards and four touchdowns.He's seven catches away from SU's all-time mark, and has a reasonable chance at going to his first bowl game.But the focus today is on the goers to the peoples of the world whose opportunities to hear the good news of Christ are little or nothing.

You know what we believe: There are goers, there are senders, and there are the disobedient.

Bertani sees growth in Ishmael's route running discipline.

The techniques, timing and reads are significantly improved, and he believes that all stems back to a mental adjustment his former star made going into spring ball.

This sermon is not an exposition of Romans 9:1–13, but a thematic explanation from Genesis about where the truth of Romans 9 comes from.

The title of the message today is “How the Offspring of Isaac Blesses the Sons of Ishmael.” Here’s the background and meaning of that title.

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