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The answers were always “no” and “manilla folder yellow.” I remember the first time I coughed blood ever and the first time it freaked me out, though it’s strange that they were separate incidents. I’d have to call and let them figure it out from the constant coughing and yelling “help” into the phone. From that last incident in the bathroom on, almost all of my subsequent bleeders have been at night, just as I lay down to sleep.

My first time was in the back seat of the car (woah, what story am I telling here? I think it was a long, hot day at Sea World that got me all worked up, dehydrated, and worn out. I get a gurgling sensation (or even sound) in one of my lobes as I exhale.

this one might be disturbing to you, but if you can stand it, it will give you a lot of insight into my past and present. It’s an indication of one of three things that I’m aware of as a non-pulmonologist with 12 years of medical training: Growing up, I always heard the doctors ask my parents at clinic if I had any streaky sputum (loogies, to the layperson) or what color my sputum was, but they only got to ask one of them because the answer was always, “I don’t know, he swallows it.” Gross, I know, but I hadn’t learned to transfer from the back of my throat to spitting yet…

I’d rather be called a cuss word than a “hemoptysizer.” /shudder!

‘I’m now slimmer than I’d like, but that’s metabolism,’ he says, before pointing to the fat suit in the corner of his trailer which he has to wear as his character ages, along with a beard.

But Rebecca tells me she’s not a natural blonde, she’s actually dark-haired with blue-green eyes.

Edward sent his brother off, aged 14, with 10,000 men to slaughter another 10,000 men. I know what it feels like to step on a skull.’‘When you read what historians thought about him, it’s split pretty much 50/50.

Some thought he was successful but reckless and jeopardised the future of the nation as we know it.

She risks rape and death by his army to approach Edward and ask him to return the lands her husband lost in battle.

England has been at war for nine years over who is the rightful king.

It’s a war between two families – The House of York and The House of Lancaster – but the series focuses primarily on four powerful women caught up in the conflict.

And it is the battle for those thrones that will be played out over ten sumptuous episodes in the BBC’s most lavish period drama of the year.

Set in England in 1464 against the backdrop of the Wars Of The Roses, The White Queen is a multimillion-pound adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s bestselling historical novel series The Cousins’ War, filmed almost entirely on location in the beautiful medieval Belgian city of Bruges.

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