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When Billy's workshop is trashed, he realises that he had left the door unlocked and would not be covered by the insurance.

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Melissa flees in tears and Billy is convinced she will want nothing to do with him after his flop in bed." Billy became the centre of a love triangle following the arrival of Caitlin Atkins (Emily Milburn).

When Caitlin Atkins (Emily Milburn) arrives she wastes no time in admitting her feelings for Billy and they even share a kiss.

Billy plans to leave school and move out of home, but Anne and his parents are not keen on the idea.

As she looked out into the ocean, Foxx was right by her side in a black T-shirt, navy Adidas jogging pants, shades, and a hat similar to hers. Foxx has denied being attached to Holmes in the past, saying they were only "good friends." Friends, who also hold hands on the beach? RELATED: Katie Holmes Says She and Channing Tatum Fight a Lot in Movies Perhaps an official red carpet appearance is next? Katie Holmes says she's doing the best she can when it comes to raising her eight year old daughter Suri. And the 35 year old actress said she gets a lot of help from her loved ones when it comes to raising Suri.

In an exclusive interview with People the single mom said she often faces moments of self doubt as a parent, and wonders whether she's doing enough to be a good mother. On top of her own mother and a nanny, Holmes says she also has several good friends who are always willing to lend a helping hand. I don't have a lot of rules for myself, and I don't take myself that seriously. Holmes is set to reprise her role as Jackie Kennedy in a new REELZchannel miniseries called The Kennedys, After Camelot.

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