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Said Toscanini: "I am doing this for humanity." The IPO has earned a reputation as one of the pre-eminent orchestras in the world: over the decades it has featured Isaac Stern, Leonard Bernstein, Yehuda Menuhin and Itzhak Perlman.

One profound moment came in 1991 when Zubin Mehta conducted the orchestra during a Scud missile attack.

You should find these in any Jewish bookstore, or at In 1936, the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra performed its inaugural concert, consisting of 75 Jewish musicians from major European orchestras who had made aliyah.

The opening concert (of the "Palestine Orchestra," as it was then known) was conducted by the great Arturo Toscanini, who had escaped the rise of fascism in his native Italy.

One telling difference between Columbus' personal writings and those of his contemporaries was the language it was written in, namely one unrecognizable to most native Spaniards.

Linguistics professor Estelle Irizarry, after analyzing the language of hundreds of similar letters concluded that it was written in Castilan Spanish or Ladino, a Jewish version of the Spanish language, analogous to what the Yiddish language is to German.

The Italians claimed that Columbus was born in Lugano, Italy to Domenico Colombo, a tower sentinel.

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On February 15, 1493, Christopher Columbus sent out a letter to the European world revealing for the first time his discovery of America.intimate letters the attentive reader can plainly see at the left top corner a little monogram which is... than an old Hebrew greeting….frequently used among religious Jews all over the world even to this day”.The symbol he was referring to were the Hebrew letters bet and heh, which we know to stand for b'ezrat Hashem, or with God's help.As far as commentary and instruction on Jewish prayer, nothing comes close to the Art Scroll Siddur (Mesorah Publications 1984).It is translated by top-rate Jewish scholars, who understand the subtleties of the Hebrew language and have a great knowledge of Talmudic sources.

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