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Clich 2: To the older generation, sex with or without Viagra is to be initiated and managed by the male, and his definition of sex is focused intensely on conventional intercourse, meaning penetration by an erect penis.

Anything else, according to the norms of this older generation (which are often reinforced by cultural, religious, and historical beliefs), is not the real thing or is foreplay or is a tender and considerate fooling around because ones partner is ill or has suffered some sexual incapacity, but it is not sex as generally understood by men now in the third age.

In 1989, nearly two thousand men between the ages of forty and seventy, chosen to reflect race and ethnicity as represented in their communities, were involved in an extensive survey of their sexual lives as part of a long-term study on all aspects of the aging process conducted under the aegis of the National Institute of Aging.

The study, known as the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, remains one of the most detailed and exhaustive analyses of male sexuality in mid- and later life since the Kinsey Report of many decades ago.

Shere Hite, author of the much-discussed Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality, said Im suggesting we call sex something else, and it should include everything from kissing to sitting close together.

Despite Hites suggestion, a hard man is good to find was the beery anthem sung by young men at fraternity house and high school parties in the 1920s, 1930s, and through World War II and the suburban explosion of the 1950s, and it has not substantially changed as this older generations definition of sex.

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For example, the terrible performance anxiety that many health professionals have observed can be alleviated almost completely if older men are able to abandon the vision of themselves as eighteen-year-old hormone-driven conquerors and look closely for a moment at what it is their partners may really want in the way of sexual or any other kind of communion.When men get older, the ability to have an erection, to maintain it, to control ejaculation, and to recover and be ready for further sexual activity all slow down when seen in purely biological terms and can be seen as a normal aspect of aging, although sometimes they are precursors of health problems.In other words, we are back, after getting validation from as precise an examination as we could hope for, to the basic facts that all the elements of a mans emotional setting his fears and anxieties, his relationship with his partner or partners, his lack of knowledge about his own health status, and his frequent inability to understand his own emotions and express them play a very big role in his perceived troubles and these factors can be changed!is the mantra of men who left the gathering of health information to their wives over a long lifetime.When they lose that source of comfort and information, many men have no idea that drugs can have a negative effect on libido or that certain reversible illnesses can be erased or moderated through proper medical treatment, thereby improving sexual responses.

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