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These guys performed at a festival in Sydney in 2002 called M-One. The Goo Goo Dolls was one bands I was looking forward to seeing as I was a huge fan of their stuff. Then I found out the Goos had been around for years, which was another point and I immediately began my collecting of the Goo. :)my first album was dizzy up the girl and i got addicted to them..i hadnt even seen a pic of them until like 6 months later and then i really fell in love. I have always been a big fan....since I can remember. (smashing pumpkins are my all-time favorite)i dont like their newer stuff AS much, but dizzy up the girl is my favorite of their albums.

The concert series was a flop but the line up of artist of awesome!!! They performed Slide and Broadway and before they started singing "Name", John Rzeznik said "This song needs no introduction" and started to sing the song "Name". 3--no, 5 for losing two copies of Dizzy--lost CDs and 6 more claimed, I can safely say I'm off to a good start. now i have every album they have ever released including the new one: live in buffalo.

"I thought it would have been 'Iris,'" he said, "But there is a song called 'Better Days,' which, actually, more people have listened to that song than 'Iris,' which I thought was really weird." So he was coaxed to sing a few bars.

Case in point: Reporters at a recent New York press day asked Rzeznik what song fans request most. "And then I tell myself: 'No matter what the situation is, I'm grateful to be here. People paid money to come see me play, so go do a good show.' And, then, some nights I have to run out onto the stage because once you run out, you can't come back," he said. For myself, I knew the song and loved it that they played it but for most people it was not "Iris". I will say the M-One line up was Simple Plan (2nd band on stage as they were an unknown band), Default, Lifehouse, Nickelback, Tea Party, Midnight Oil, Billy Idol, Garbage, Goo Goo Dolls. I was front row all day and was just awesome I personally like Dizzy Up The Girl and Gutterflower the best! OMG I love this band I own every album and know ALMOST every song by heart! I can’t do those crazy group activities where a trainer is screaming in your face – that doesn’t work on me. Even if I have nothing but a really shit hotel gym to work out in, as long as I’m doing it, it keeps me in the right frame of mind – it’s mostly mental.There’s a certain amount of confidence that you have to have when you’re on stage, so if you look good or feel good about the shape that you’re in, then you’ll do better.

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