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Earlier in the day Kourtney sported the same Helmut Lang top and Rick Owens skirt, but topped it off with a stylish leather jacket and leopard print beret. Here he is enjoying a ride in Paris on his own private jet. In addition, check out this new promo for "Kourtney and the Other One Who is Neither as Funny or Interresting as Khloe Take Miami: This Time It's Personal"Also awesome is this random pic of Kourtney threatening Joel Mc Hale.

If someone wants to make me an icon out of this fresh flawlessness, I would love you forever.

In April of that year, Cyrus came under fire for an infamously suggestive photo in Vanity Fair that implied she was topless.

When Cyrus chopped off her hair and styled it as a bleached blonde pixie in August 2012, it was the haircut heard 'round the world.

CNN While Gabriel Aubry has gone to ground following the dramatic Thanksgiving brawl, his love rival and opponent Olivier Martinez was spotted making an early-morning visit to the liquor store.

Before she turned 15, the young star was selling out concert stops as "Hannah Montana" and as herself, which she did in the fall of 2007 with the "Best of Both Worlds" tour.

Cyrus is a frequent guest at the American Music Awards.

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    My husband told me point-blank in our early days that if I told him what to do, he'd do the opposite simply out of spite. With this in mind, therapists concur that we need to approach our husbands not like children, but with the calm, respectful manner we would friends. One evening I heard myself sputtering to my husband, "The garbage?!

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    Meredith is Lexie s older half-sister whom Lexie meets at the beginning of the fourth season.

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