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Try pausing or recording again, and if the problem persists disconnect the digibox from the mains power.

Press and hold the 'left' and 'right' navigation buttons on the front of the digibox whilst you reconnect the mains power.

Continue holding the buttons in for about 20 seconds, and when the ring of light on the front comes on, press the 'select' button on the front of the digibox (between the left and right buttons you were holding).

The Sky recording logo lights will spin backwards and, according to the Sky engineer, this will "clear the hard drive".

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With this in mind, it would seem that a number of Tooway users should be seeing this low speed problem that I am seeing every evening at the moment... A downlink Tooway carrier is maybe 68 Mbit/s in clear sky conditions and this capacity is shared by many customers.

If you download just one 1500 byte packet, sent via the satellite as one contiguous block, you may well get the full 68 Mbit/s for a moment.

My evenings speed test showed 1.65mb down and .3 up!!! This website for instance which is almost completely text loaded very slowly.

Some features, such as "5 recent messages", work very much faster ( 1 second compared with 90 seconds ).

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