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^_^ I was not planning on watching this drama because the name sounded so chessy but I should I have watched it earlier it was such a beautiful story the ending I was really satisfied with it the actors made me feel every type of emotion I like that kind of acting in dramas! But I liked Jae Kyung/alien and Hwi Kyung/Song-Yi, Hwi Kyung/Se-Mi and Hwi Kyung/alien relationship depiction. It's funny seeing people arguing over this drama and the heirs. An yess I fall in love with kim so hyun so damn cool!!! by far, the heirs is NOTHING compared to some kdramas i've watched before, not to mention YFAS bcoz this drama is just too awesome for words Euh.... You're not here to promote your favourite drama or argue about which is better between My Love from Another star or The Heirs T_T These are two differents dramas and everyone has differents tastes so, just stop it. its really cool drama it's been a long time that didn't addict to K-drama cuz the plots r always the same ... It's not really different from other drama juz got all SBS awards becuz of Le Min Ho the plot is not attractive but this one is juz awesome : D I really love this drama Never seen this drama. there are not a problem that happen in real life,.... ❤️ Not a fan of fantastical imaginary themes of aliens! They bring out the best in each other in their scenes while delivering their respective roles very well. I've seen his previous work and I'm very impressed. I have seen various interviews of him in a show, variety TV, fans footage, and more, and I have always observed his humbleness. And if course his good looks, good physique, and CHARM! so keep your bad mouth...& please say good think only..Every week I can't wait to watch this drama! it's been a long time since i startrd watching kdramas, so i've watched lots. Don't you think she is really a fool women in the world or like pretend fool woman...This is some top notch acting here you guys I am telling you. I have been watching Korean Drama since I was in college and It is my first time writing a comment... ) but it's been handled and directed very well so far, to every detail. He could stay with the heroine at the present and leave 4 centuries later once again? There are still 12 eps to go, the story might lead to it: why should he be the one staying and not her going?

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This is clearly the type of drama that pushes boundaries and doesn't confine itself to one theme :) This, by far, is the most engaging, gripping, and entertaining kdrama i've watched. YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH THIS I'M TELLING YOU Y'ALL ARE MISSING OUT ON A LOT. Loving the change of pace so much, I'm giving it "two thumbs up", plus the big toes :) desperately waiting for every episodes, one after the other. gianna jun is the one who played as Saya in blood : the last vampire, she plays for holywood and she speak english really good, quite different than her image in the drama, she is a senior and kim soo hyun just a new comer actor but act damn good together with her, this drama seems like the idea of the PD who really notice their chemistry in the thieves movie! i hope the ending just a happy ending and make sense. I never get bored of it like with a lot of other dramas. BUT, unfortunately due to important scenes ALWAYS appear, too brief in last minutes, .. I don't even know the most important part of this drama, because the important scenes are always clear in a week intervals time, too long to wait ( instead of we have know some part in before episode, that scene be waste, bacause it's feeling has disappear in one week). Because, in my opinion, there should be at least 2 aliens to spice things up.I came to watch it for jun ji hyun, but then i become Park Hae-jin fan(thanks for that). Even though you think you've had an idea of how the story might be by just reading the plot whatsoever, you actually got no idea at all without watching the whole drama. Then, you will have no idea how ignorant you were before you watch and how grateful you are to make the decision to watch :) Well, most of you people who make comments like a drama is overrated, without chemistry and with low acting quality, you people haven't watched the entire drama. But in this drama, it felt as alien visiting earth once in a while is normal. Don't know guys it felt very weird the way everything goes, specially the ending. I will give it 9/10(Great unique plot, nice casting, fantastic cinematography and CG) "you who came from the stars" j'adore trop ce drama c'est la 4eme ou 5eme fois que je le regard et je ri et pleure toujours autant. In every episodes, I always notice I'm smiling like an idiot. A 2012), The Moon Embraces the Sun(MBC2012), Ghost(SBS2012), Flowerboy Next door(tv N2013), I Can Hear Your Voice(SBS2013) Goddess of Fire(MBC2013), Who are You(tv N2013) and now it would be an honor to add You from Another Star(SBS2013) to the list! Can't wait for ep 3 ~~ p.s soo hyun looks so hot..omggg the abs~~ #youwhocamefromthestars fighting!You can watch it, but it is a one time watch(though i watched it 2 times, but 2nd time i watched only park hae jin scenes). My suggestion to you guys is to watch the entire drama before you make a comment that you want other people to consider valid. superbe actrice jeon Ji-Hyeon, elle est géniale et super jolie. I can't help myself from laughing whenever Cheon Song-Yi will always praise herself in front of Do Min-Joon and most of the time make a (wrong) conclusion of her own. wondering if cheon song yi and do min joon's kids will have same powers too! And song yi's friend hui kyueng must find an amazing girl! Thank you SBS, OCN, MBC, KBS, Channel A, and Tv N for your hard work and entertaining the Life out of me when times in my life felt hard! I've been waiting for something worth-watching after Master's Sun and daa I'm here! ^O^ hello, oh my, i like the two main leads but Gianna is to old for kim soo hyun In Na would have been better lead who suits him.Many years passed and he met the actress whom he fell madly in love and started experiencing all human feelings like feeling cold or hot. Gianna Jun done a great job and she just totally nailed it. the storyline didn't attract me at all, it could have been written in a better way maybe. The romance is not believable since the male lead is like a concrete slab. like getting married, having a kids and do min joon will try anything to make enough to stay to cheon song yi not for just a second but permanently.. It's really funny full of comedy scenes then, after awhile you'll find yourself crying A LOT, huhuhuhuhu!!!! If you are looking for prime time romantic-comedy then you should go for this. Obviously you won't be able to find any drama with alien-human romance anywhere often. The chemistry between the two leads is too good that they deserve Best Couple of the year and there was never a scene a boring scene. The chemistry between the two leads is too good that they deserve Best Couple of the year and there was never a scene a boring scene. I thank each and everyone for the making, uploading and subbing of this Excellent drama. Wow, can't believe that it was watched 14.5 billion times... I love this drama so much and I especially love the two main leads. Jae Kyung (Whi Kyung's older brother) pure evil, love it. So pleace not make rubbish scene....I'm said that... & thanks t make good new story drama So where are the people who are in the beginning, they are very negative in this drama and they really compared it to a JDORAMA that is obviously different and incomparable, YWCFS is a fantasy comedy romance drama and not a children drama like Starman, and the director and writer are not stupid and plagiarizers as the others said before this show had started..are very brilliant and creative to do this new concept of drama that and after this show, I think this will be imitated again by other korean dramas like they are doing with the others like time traveling dramas, Fantasy, Paranormal and many many more.... this drama give me a flash-back memories of last drama like : faith, gu family book, master sun and now this's story must be interesting to watch..... It is pretty much the same classic story line, poor girl meets rich boy that Professor Do can even admit sucks. I heard Kim Soo Hyun requested to have kissing scenes in this drama!!!! the difference is that Stefan was a vampire and not an alien :) ow and that doppleganger's also the same.. For those of you who haven't watched this drama yet, WATCH IT, the plot is honestly something i've been wanting to watch its something like that im like in love with this show. A DAEBAK.ji hyun and kim soo hyun so great on this drama..this couple so much,totally lucky to see them again since the thieves. Can't wait for the next Epi ^^ @chassie0537 I totally agree with you! Love my Sassy Girl uri wind struck : D jeon ji hyun fighting : D I don't get why people are complaining saying jun ji hyun is too old and yoo in na is better as main lead -..- like seriously? She has that Top star vibe like her character XD and soohyun looks better with ji hyun!The love they shared made him more human rather than alien. And when they finally consumed their love he could stay on earth forever and have babies with her as they planned. Nd now i have watched more than 30 kdramas but none can beat this one.. the ending wasn't satisfying and the fact that he would stay young for so long was annoying. It was alright, but in retrospect, i wouldn't have watched it. i love them both gianna jun and kim soo hyun ..wheeew the chemistry is awesome... -Philippines It's been a long time since I got addicted to Kdramas. this one is the only kdrama will i ever watched in my entire life. I Love this kdrama so watch it.,., This show was amazing. DON"T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS DRAMA YET:- Well, its pretty much great drama, but very unrealistic from my view. I'm feeling so empty and lost after this drama came to an end! I thank each and everyone for the making, uploading and subbing of this Excellent drama. Sorry to say, but compared to the worst two dramas in 2014: "Marry Him If You Dare" and "Passionate Love", there was no love lost when they ended, I'm feeling so empty and lost after this drama came to an end! I can't get enough of Cheon Song-Yi and Do Min-Joon, I loved their chemistry together. I don't really like the villian, but his character is going to be interesting to watch..way he knocking people off so early in the, love, love it. I think on episode 3 & 4 was enough only to be 1 episode............example= From episode 2 you are have appearing some excited trial, but when airing the trial.......whohohoho that trial will clear airing on the next episode 5......long to wait.... Some of the reasons I love this drama is because there is a realistic conversation on what really matters in the fine arts, love in the classics; and an extraterrestrial that doesn't age, one that can stop time to save people. It's not about human character but materialistic things! OMFG For those who haven't seen him kiss Gianna Jun in The Thieves, go see it! The way he bit her lips HE BETTER DO IT AGAIN HERE!!!! I think Kim Soo-Hyun has became my new favorite Korean actor. and its nothing like the Heirs even tho the heirs had a sort of bad ending it was still a pretty good show just typical drama but i love this show!! Loved them since 'The Thieves' XD and in my opinion this drama is 100000000 times better than the heirs ..

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