Loverdating com are dating sites for losers

So here's the question for all you dog owners who are actively dating: Do you include other dog owners in your dating pool knowing that unless your dogs get along and/or you live together, you'll never be able to have sleepovers?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single girl in possession of a job in Colombia must be in want of a date. Ostensibly a bar for foreigners to participate in a language exchange with Colombians, and actually a great way to make friends, after about 9pm it morphs into a free-for-all speed dating service between gringos and locals.

In my experience, the people most likely to get along with my dog are other dog owners and anecdotal evidence indicates this is true of other dog owners I know.

So it would seem to me that by eliminating dog owners from your potential dating pool, you are severely limiting the number of romantic partners who will get along with and love your dog.

Well we have people who share these interests and much, much more on Theatre Lover Dating.

If you need any more persuading, we have thousands of singles in your area as well as all over the UK.

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