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Thus, it is claimed, sexuality influences social norms and society in turn influences the manner in which sexuality can be expressed.Since the invention of the mass media, things such as movies and advertising have given sexuality even more ability to shape the environments in which we live.Performance limitations may most often affect the male in the form of erectile dysfunction.

For information about sexual activities and practices, see the article human sexual behavior.It challenges people in couples to be far more honest about their moment-to-moment experiences. And it’s often helpful even for couples who’ve spent months or years in less-than-productive couples therapy where sex problems have been avoided or not confronted directly.As a sex therapist in Manhattan who is also a medical doctor (and a psychiatrist), I’m often asked by other physicians and therapists to step in when previous psychotherapy, sex therapy, or medical treatments have not been successful. When sex isn’t good, other aspects of your relationship may suffer.Some sex and relationship problems can be resolved quickly; others require more time and attention.

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